Thursday, September 22, 2011


Serving all of Michigan - All too often when tragic deaths and suicides occur; after Emergency Services duties are complete, you are left with the unpleasant and unsafe task of cleaning up the aftermath, when in fact, you should be concentrating on the healing process and restoring your life.
The Crime Scene Cleaner
is here to help you and your family through this very difficult time. Our trained and compassionate staff will begin the complicated process of restoring the scenes affected by suicide, delayed death or contamination of human blood. Blood and bodily fluids can contain bloodborne pathogens and communicable diseases, which normal carpet/house cleaning companies are not legally permitted to handle. You must hire a professional crime scene cleanup company to properly remediate the affected area.

The Crime Scene Cleaner offers immediate assistance and service for any crime scene cleanup situation throughout Michigan. Crime and trauma scene cleanup includes services such as accidental death cleanup, blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, homicide/murder cleanup, unattended death cleanup, violent crime cleanup, vehicle blood cleanup, and any situation involving biological and bodily fluids. Unfortunately, when a death has occurred, there are usually physical reminders of the tragedy left behind, such as blood and bodily fluids. Situations involving blood, bodily fluids, hoarding, tear gas, or any similar situation must be handled immediately.

The Crime Scene Cleaner strictly follows all local, state and federal regulatory rules. Our OSHA-compliant, approved procedures offer our clients a piece of mind that the job will be remedied in accordance with the highest possible standards. We strictly follow OSHA, EPA, MDOT and US Department of Transportation guidelines and procedures.

Friends and family are not prepared emotionally to clean up after an unexpected tragedy. Using techniques and equipment specific to the biohazard cleanup industry, we will professionally restore your property to a habitable condition.

Most services covered by insurance.